this is an outrage my cat is sick and im not to happy !!!!

this is an outrage
my cat had fleas and i wanted to get rid of them so that my cat could have a full lif eand now .
my cat is sick BECAUSE of your unbeleivable product this is my dear cat that you have done this to .
this cat means everything to me and if i lose this cat to your stupied product then i will bring this to court that
that is my sinsier word that if my cat dies from your product then mark my word you will never here the end fo it
MARK MY WORDS !!!!!! sinserly chantelle nora brown
this will be a lawsuit if this product kill my CAT

One thought on “this is an outrage my cat is sick and im not to happy !!!!”

  1. I totally understand your outrage. I too have a 9 year old cat that is trying to recover from her liver enzymes being “shot” (to quote my vet) from using the Hartz brand. If she had her way, the entire line of products would be pulled from the market. My cat has spent a total of 9 days in the vet’s office and my bill is over $700.
    The really bad news is that although she is home, she still shows all the signs of liver damage – she is jaundiced (eyes, ears, gums and nose are bright yellow) and she refuses to eat or drink.
    I’m disgusted with the information that I’ve found on the internet and urge other feline parents to watch out for their animals.
    Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Hartz doesn’t have to have an immediate reaction and doesn’t necessarily show an immediate reaction. My poor cat didn’t show a reaction until her liver actually started failing and that was nearly 18 days after she was treated. Please don’t use this on your felines.

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