Wow. I’m not alone.

As i read alot of stories on here, I guess I am really lucky. I purchased hartz flea medicine in august 2007 and used only half the dosage even though i was suppose to use it all. I went to work and came home about 10 hours after applying the flea med. I was shocked. Both my dogs where throwing up foam, seizures, loss control of all body functions. I rushed them into the vets office and told them I only used HALF of what i was suppose to use and something is wrong. The vet informed me this happens alot with hartz because they do not regulate their flea meds. Lucky for my babies they came close to death, but after numerous iv fluid bags and meds they recovered. The vet informed me that if i would have waited or used the actual whole dosage they would have been dead.

I am just shocked that this is still going on and nothing is done. I thought i was alone, but I’m not. I would join any law suit to help stop them. I still have the package and my vet bills. Email me at [email protected]

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