3 in 1 advanced flea and tick control

Hi all I have a 9 year old beautiful grey cat named Star she is a victim of HArtz flea collar she broke out in a case of fleas due to this sudden urge to burst out the door and so 2 weeks ago I applied the collar and lastnight noticed as she sat meowing at me determined to get my attention her neck has been burned right around to the skin.
Then of course i removed the collar immediately and noticed it to had been bleeding almost as though it was more then a reaction but more so a burn.
So I scanned her body and also noticed at the underside of the base of her tail is also gone bald where she would have had no choice to bathe herself.
I am appauled that this company can get away with this I was once a true and trusted hartz fan but not anymore I will urge anyone i know to not purchase these products.
This product is a purple collar called Hartz advanced care 3 in 1 control collar for cats.

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