I am so darned lucky and my cat even more so

I put Hartz flea drops on all my cats. My scaredy cat(I have 4 cats) started foaming at the mouth(he has never done this before) and started tilting his head to the side almost like a muscle spasm. I just thought he was stressing out and the liquid was making him uncomfortable as it was maybe dripping down his neck to one side, it didn’t look like it was but i couldn’t tell since he has long fur. Loving my cat as I do, I wasn’t going to let him stress out so I immediately grabbed the Dawn dish soap since we were in the kitchen and washed it off of him. I watched him for a few hours and he was acting odd but ok. By morning he was fine thank goodness. The next morning another cat of mine started losing all the hair on his neck where I had put the drops. I decided then and there that I would get it off all four of them and washed them all with dawn. Little did I know that this stuff is toxic. I checked the Hartz website and it said nothing even though the packaging says to go there to look for more info on harm to pets. I didn’t find this website until about 2 months later when my cats had fleas again. I was searching for an alternative to what i had used before to ensure my cats would be happy. In my searching, I found many people who said their vet said to immediately wash the Hartz medication off with Dawn of all things. THANK YOU LUCK!!!!THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Fortunately, my cat showed signs right away and I acted on my instincts and my cats are fine. But had there not been people out there on the web, here and elsewhere, I may have used it again in a different form(collars, carpet sprays, etc) thinking that would be ok! THANK YOU all for your stories and I am so sorry for those of you who have lost a precious pet. I am sickened by all the big money grubbing companies out there that do not stop peddling poisons. Whether it be flea medicine, diet drinks and sugar alternatives, or whatever it may be. SHAME ON THEM and I hope karma is for real!

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