Hartz Mountain any thing

My cat Figaro has never in his life had fleas, until I moved into my sons home and his Great Dane brought them into the house. This has been a night mare from he**! I gave him a bath with the Hartz Mountain Foaming flea and tic. And, on top of that when I was done with that and had him dried I put a 2 in 1 flea collar on him… Little did I know that he would have this kind of reaction!!!! Had I known or felt he was in danger I would have never left him for the weekend and gone to my sisters. I went home today to check the litter box and to make sure he had fresh water and dry cat food.While there he howled something horrible and went into distress. He had a hard time breathing and my sister and I believe he had a convolsion. She immediatly gave him cpr and mouth to mouth. He managed to regain some senses back. Once we got him to her house and about an hour later after I gave him a bath, he had another one. Its now been three hours and hes sleeping but I wonder if he will have more?

I for one will NEVER use any thing that says Hartz Mountain on it ever again. To even think about what I have done to my cat is horrifying!

How much trouble would one get into if they went into any of the stores tht sold this and posted signs on the product about the effects it could have on peoples pets? May the local news will be interested in Hartz Mountain and the problems that it can cause…

Concerned and a whole lot irratated…

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