Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick spray killed my dog today!

We need get the word out about a DANGEROUS pet product that killed our dog this morning. It is sold on every shelf at pet and grocery stores. HARTZ 2 in 1 flea and tick dog spray!
Three days ago our family purchased this product and followed the instructions on the bottle. Three of our dogs were sprayed with the product. The product was strong. 30 minutes after spraying my dog, I broke out in hives and a rash. The product also removed my nail polish and had removed the dye from the shoes I had been wearing! After seeing this we bathed our dogs to try and get the product off. Then, my mother did a search for Hartz online to try to find their website and came upon several site warning that Hartz flea products had been killing dogs! There is a warning on the bottle, not to use the product on old, pregnant or nursing dogs. It does not warn that it could harm or kill healthy animals.
For two days we bathed our dogs, but it was not enough. The damage had already been done. Our dog, Buddy died this moring. He was a 7 year old German Shepard/Lab mix (a good sized dog) and extremely healthy. He was eating normally, playing, seemed fine. He had not displayed any sign of illness, and the only variable to his life was the flea spray. I have made vet appointment for the other two dogs. But when I called our vet to tell them what had happened, I was informed that this was a common occurance! The quote was "We’ve had lots of pet owners come in and say Hartz products have killed their dogs. We never reccomned it." Advice that was too late for us. I regret that we didn’t see this site until it was too late.
PLEASE let EVERYONE know that this is a Killer.

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