HARTZ flea drops AND 2 in 1 spray

We bought a puppy yesterday from a disgusting shop. He was cute and we were happy to rescue him, BUT he had fleas. I bought the 2 in 1 flea spray from HARTZ for him and HARTZ flea and tick drops for my 14 year old cat. I sprayed the pup, like the directions said and gave my cat the treatment, like the directions said. The pup appears fine (although he didn’t eat breakfast or lunch yet), My cat stretched and squirmed to lick at the area. The next morning, she had no appetite and kept trying to hide in the strangest hiding places. I thought she was just mad at me for getting the puppy (and i’m sure she is) but, this cat never went anywhere but her littler box until this morning. Casey walked over to me and clear fluid just came out of her behind, all over the carpet. She was telling me that something was wrong. I called the vet. They said to get her in right away. They washed her with dawn and ran bloodwork. So far she hasn’t seized. She’s weak. The vet said to go home and wash the puppy with dawn, as well. I just lost a dog to cancer. and now my 14 year old cat is away from me at the vet’s because I thought I was doing her a favor by giving her a flea treatment. HARTZ SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!

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