Decon Poison nullified by Dandilion Root Herb

My dog, a 35 lb mixed husky/sheltie, ate 6 boxes of Decon Rat Poison a few years ago. It happened when Decon had just changed their formulation from an "instant kill" to a "time delayed" kill of a week. That means the rodents would eat it and the effects wouldn’t show up in their bodies until a week later.

My (then) roommate and I had found all of the boxes laying around the room and since we didn’t know about the time delay, we just kept watching the dog. When nothing happened within a few days we assumed he hadn’t ingested much, if any of it. We actually had no idea of how much product was packaged into each box, so couldn’t estimate by volume or amount still laying around on floor. (There wasn’t much on the floor at all, actually)

6 days later, (on a sunday), my dog began to hemmorage lightly from his rectum and as the day progressed he reached the point where he couldn’t stand. All of the vets offices in my neck of the woods were closed. That night my dog lay under my kitchen table, too weak to get up. Then his neck began to swell. And swell. And swell. His collar began to strangle him and I took it off. His neck continued to swell until his tongue was protruding from his mouth and he was laboring hard to breath.

I use herbs extensively for myself and decided to try them on my dog. There was nothing to lose. He was going to die if I didn’t try to do something. I took the last 3 capsules of dandilion herb powder (Dandlion Root is an organ cleansing herb) I had, opened each capsule up and mixed the powder into a few tablespoons of boiling hot water. I let the solution cool to lukewarm and then fed half of it to my dog. A half hour later I gave him the rest of what was left.

I stayed up until I couldn’t stay awake any longer and then went to bed.
The next morning my dog was no where to be found. He had left the kitchen. In a panic I ran through the house calling him. He came out of a bedroom and walked over to me. He looked weak but his neck was back down to normal. I bundled him up and took him to the vet. All the vet could do was give him vitamin K shots to help coagulate his blood. She gave me some vitamin K pills to give him each day at home. After I took my dog home, I went to a herbal shop in a nearby town and they recommended I give him a mixture called "Spring Tonic" to clear the poison out of his system. For the next 5 weeks my dog drank Spring Tonic Tea and by the end of those 5 weeks, he was well. I still have him with me today.

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