Seizures from 3-1 shampoo

I have a 7 year old *****er Spaniel Satin who, until I relocated never had a flea problem. Well, that changed as I moved to a more susceptible area for fleas. In looking for over the counter flea products, it seemed like the only thing that was readily available was the Hartz flea products. Within 3 months after using the shampoo, Satin had her first seizure. At first I had thought it was chemical induced because she had just gotten into a bag of Millano cookies with the chocolate middle a couple days before.

Unfortunately, that was not the last one. In the span of 1 year she had over 4 seizures and in researching the everyday products that I’ve used on her within that time frame, I realized that it was the Hartz shampoo that I would pick up at the grocery store that was causing her the awful seizures!!

Since I’ve changed shampoos and taken her to the vet (which resulted in a rather large bill) her seizures are less frequent and she seems to be doing better. I have since thrown out every Hartz product that I had in the house, shampoo, flea spray, household spray, etc., and have been trying to inform as many people that I can about this.

I hope this story helps others who are finding themselves in a similar situation.

tetrachlorvinphos what are we doing to our pets

Well to tell you the truth after the recall Hartz did not learn its lesson it still puts a powerful pesticide in its 3-1 advanced care for cats and markets it but realistically this organophosphate should be removed from chemical companies chemical sales lists because a warning that this may be sensitive to some…. NO T this pesticide is harmful to all pets because a pets 1st indication is that they want to lick there fur dry thus getting the chemical in there mouth which is how they eat and clean themselves thus ingesting the poison. the toxin used to kill fleas is a neuro-toxin and as well does affect animals as well.. honestly the best thing to do is remove this pesticide from the product and reformulate it with safe for animals chemicals as far as im concerned its hartz way of excluding themselves from all risks

my cat just died today after using hartz drops

i purchased hartz flea and tick drops for my 2 cats and 2 dogs yesterday. i honestly thought that i could trust any product i bought at a store especially a store like safeway. the first sign of anything wrong was my dogs got sick. my one dog was throwing up and my other dogs eyes swelled up. i washed them this morning. i didnt know where my cats were. i was sitting in the front yard and i saw my little 6 month old kitten acting very strange. when i got to her she was foaming at the mouth and convulsing. i didnt know what to do! i wrapped her in a blanket and held her then i set her on the bathroom floor, wrapped up, while i got the number to my vet. when i went back to get her to take her there she was dead. this is a tragedy and a loss of a family member. I was appaled when i came online to find a phone number for hartz and found this website. why is this company allowed to do this. I have another cat a 9 years old bulls eye tabby who is my pride and joy, my son. I cant find him anywhere, and for all i know he is dead soemwhere! why?!! because of this company’s carelessness and disregard? because tehy would rater make a buck than do the right thing?!! oh my god! i just cant believe this happened. i am over come with grief and am sick to my stomach. i just hope the rest of my animals are okay. we scrubbed the dogs and they seem much much better. i just hope i find my big boy cat and he’s okay. this is ridiculous. I hope my story helps your cause and if there is anything else i should do please let me know. my email address is [email protected] please contact me with any advice, these people have to be stopped. i am willing to help however i can.
jamie king
vallejo ca