I used Hartz THEN found this site

I used Hartz on my 4 cats about 2 days ago… I was one of the lucky ones… my cats are fine today. But after I applied it to them, I found this website and it was the WORST weekend just hoping for the best. One of my cats was acting a little weird and skittish and I was terrified. he ended up being ok. I met a lot of people through a cat board that said how dangerous hartz is (and doesn’t work anyway).

I called my vet today and they said I could use Advantage right away, that the cats would be ok. A few hours later, no sign of a single flea on any of the cats. It’s WONDERFUL.

I’m one of the lucky ones…. I just wish I knew about the dangers of using Hartz before I gave it to them. I will alert EVERYONE now that I come in contact with.


Hartz Flea Medicine Killed my cat Kierra

Well my name is Janet and I have two beautiful cats. Kierra (6yrs) and Kalel (6months) are my pride and joy. I started to noticed that they were getting fleas and instead of going to the vet I went to Target and purchased Hartz flea medicine. I never tried it due to my cats never having this problem but figured it was a common issue and nothing to worry about. I applied it on Saturday Sept 1 at 8pm. I noticed right away my cats were different but nothing to be concern about. Kalel wanted it off of him and kept trying to lick himself. As for Kierra she was just lying there not moving not making a fuss …. again I just thought she was taking in the medicine so I went to bed that night … next morning I awoke and she was extra cuddly she wanted to lay in bed with me and snuggle. I remember I hugged her really tight *like I always do* and put her down cuz I had to go to work …. well I returned from work around 8pm and I found her dead on my living room floor. She was ice cold, hard as cement, so I knew she was gone for some time. I immediately took Kalel to the ER to have him check. That is where I found out that Kierra was poison from this Hartz Flea Medicine. Apparently it has a chemical that kills cats instantly or gives them seizures. I feel responsible for giving her this medicine but then again I didn’t know…… I just want people not to give this medicine to their pet EVER AGAIN!!! It KILLS and the company claims there isn’t enough cats dying from this! I don’t want anyone to lose a best friend like I did….. Blessed Be My beautiful Kierra I will MISS YOU VERY MUCH!

Thank you for reading

Two weeks later my baby is still suffering.

It has been a long two weeks! My puppy is still unable to walk and is having intermittent muscle twitching. He wakes up crying and just wants me to hold him. I am completely devastated by what Hartz tick and flea products are doing to our pets. Believe me…. Hartz has not heard the last of me.
I went into Walmart the other day and one of the workers was telling a client not to buy the product…. They had received a call about the product (ME) and the store manager had told the managers in the pet department to tell clients to look at other alternatives because of my story. I will continue to spread the word to ALL pet owners. Hartz will never get another penny from me!

Hatrz ear mite product for dogs

My sons dog who is believed to be pregnant suddenly got very ill yesterday evening after putting the ear mite product in Kiera’s ears. She has had this treatment before with no adverse effects, the vet believes it could be a reaction because of the change in her body due to being pregnant. I want to tell everyone that Hartz earmit medication needs to go on the do not use list. After reading so many stories I can not believe this is the first I have heard of it. Kierra’s symptoms are the same as some of the stories about cats. She lost her balance, was unable to stand, siezures, and the eyes rolling back were a big scare. Not only has my son discarded all Hartz products, but I to will discard all Hartz products that I may have for my cat, dog, and two ferrets. This warning is going out by way of my spaceto every body my office can notify with it.

Dog Allergic reaction to fHartz lea/tick collar

Just came back from Vet. He had to put a shot of cortizone becuse my dog was going crazy, scratching, got a rash on his genitals, until I removed the collar. A little to late, he damaged his sking from scratching and I feel it on my face and lips…very annoying, now I feel it on my arms and legs…Stay away from it!

kitten problem

I just bought some flea and tick spray for my 13 month old kitten and had to call the vet for advice shortly after because my kitten started to spit out of the mouth,spasuim and shake uncontrolably.It was the most terrifing thing I think I have ever seen,not to mention that my 2 year old was trying to help.
That will be the last time I ever by that stuff,and the fact that the vet told me to make sure to stay away from there line of products doesnt help the situation any.
They need to get this stuff off the market quick.
And hertz will be hearing from me as well.
Atleast there is a web site that is getting the message out.
Thanks so much for hearing me vent,lol

almost killed my new kitten

We found a stranded kitten (maybe 8 months old) and decided to rescue him and bring him in. He is super friendly, affectionate and very active. He loves to let you know "Hey I’m here"! And he gets into everything. Well we fed him, bathed him and sprayed the 2 in 1 flea and tick spray on him after noticing fleas. Not even 10 minutes later he was hiding under the table, shaking, pupils dilated, and being very lethargic. Well we called the vet and they said to wash him in dawn dishwashing soap right away and bring him in for observation. So now he’s at the vet, luckily he’s pulled thru, but I am very un happy with Hartz and vow never to buy their poison again.

It’s not just the flea and tick drops!

My adorable 2 year old Maine Coon absolutely loves the Hartz 5-pack of rabbit fur mice. Like other reports that I have seen online, she bites the tails off, rips the mice to pieces, and will even play fetch. Several months after I first found these mice her liver was near failure (keep in mind she was only 1 year old – hardly an elderly cat!). I didn’t make any connection until just recently… I didn’t have the mice around for the majority of the last year because I moved and couldn’t find stores that stocked the mice. A few months ago I found them at Walgreen’s and was so excited to bring some home for her again (she was even more thrilled!). Now, she has suddenly stopped eating, drinking, playing, meowing, and is running a temperature again. The vets can’t find any explanation in her bloodwork so I tried to brainstorm what was similar between her liver incident a year ago and her sudden health problems now. The only similarity is the introduction of these mice into her daily life. The toys are made in China so I am wondering with all these recalls…is this a lead paint/dye issue? Are there toxins in these "animal-safe" mice that are poisoning my cat’s system? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Seen to many reactions

I have been a vet assistant for 7 years and have seen to many reaction to off brand flea prevention. Today alone, we had two cats from two different owners come in sick. I feel sorry for the owners that thought they were helping their pet by trying to rid them of fleas. Many owners do not know the dangers of Hartz and other brands of flea control until it is too late. You would think that if they can sell it then it would HAVE to be safe. However, it is not considered a drug it is a pesticide so it is not monitored under the FDA. The worst part is that while trying to save the live of one cat, the fleas are alive and well. I wish that there were more that could be done to get these poisons off the shelves. I would like to note that Frontline and advantage are safe. Unfortuneitly more expensive but safe. BUT DO NOT USE ADVANTICKS ON CATS. It does say not to use it on cats on the box but the box looks alot like Advantage and may be picked up by mistake.

Lost 2 beloved cats because of Hartz flea drops

Today I experienced a terrible ordeal. Two of my three beloved cats fell ill because of a product I’m sure everyone has heard of, or even used on your pet at some point. I applied Hartz all in one flea and tick drops to my cats yesterday afternoon and by this morning two of my cats were gravely ill. The early symptoms were stumbling, uncontrolable shaking, and weakness. By the time I contacted my local vet, one of my cats were already experiencing severe seizures. And the other was well on her way to the same awful outcome. As I type this both are in ICU at my local emergency vets office, and I am here awaiting word on their condition. While waiting I have done research on this flea medicine on the Internet with horrifying results. My case is NOT isolated. This has actually happened to many pets and pet owners before me. My local vet even told me of cases she has treated before. I found a site that has so many saddening stories of the same things happening to their pets. If you are using this product I strongly urge you to look at this site before continue use. I unknowingly used this product thinking I was helping my pets, when this product has actually put their lives in danger.

Update: This was a email I sent out yesterday afternoon to my family and friends. At 8:00PM my vet called and said she would be unable to bring my cats out of the state they were in and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let them go. I cannot express how outraged I am at the Hartz comp. for knowing this is going on and doing nothing to prevent any future cases.