Killed my cat

I noticed that my cat was reclusive tonight, so I went to the vet to buy some meds, but they were closed. I went to a groccery store and bought Hartz 5 Gold and put it on her and sheimmediately started stirring, whining, and wheezing.

I went on the Net and looked up Hartz and they said to wait 45 minutes before fleas were killed. In the meantime, I searched further and found this site. After half an hour, I started washing her down with soap. She must have had a stroke as she convulsed, and then spent half an hour, her eyes glazed over and periodically gasping before she died. Her teeth and paw pads were white which means her liver was overtaxed. I have a feeling that she may have had leukemia (common in outside cats) and this med sent her over the edge. I basically killed her out of ignorance, but I still killed her.

I am not surprised. I am opposed to all pesticides. I believe that lanolin does work because most of the fleas are gone now. I used Irish Spring.

I will never use any pesticides on any cat henceforth. We now have the Internet, and there are remedies out their.

A few years ago, a feral cat had kittens who had sever eye problems. I was unemployed at the time and had severely limited funds and no savings. One of the kitten’s eye got so bulged out that I finally took it to the vet. He told me that the eyeball had to be removed for 1200 bucks. I could not afford that so he put it down (killed it).

Another of the kittens started developing the same problem. The vet said he would have to examine it vbefore prescribing anything. I could not afford that, so I searched the Net. I figured out that triple-antibiotic ointment that states "Do not use in eyes" is prescribed for cat/feline eye infections. I put it on all of the kitten eyes and they were fine in two days. That cost me 3 bucks. Vets are like human docs: they charge you to do what you can do on your own if you have the knowledge. However, you have to do research. The Net research I did did not mention triple-antibiotic in their remedies; rather, they mentioned clinical terms which I further researched and discovered were all contained in triple antibiotic ointment.

I have also learned that when cats come down with sniffles, to put a capsule or half a capsule of amoxycilin (purchased from Mexico) in their water. That clears it up.

Educate yourself. Do not fall prey to the system.

Hart’s flea treatment > 5 lbs.

OMG! I am so lucky to have come across this site and information about Hart’s products for cats.
Luckily my kitten who is 4 months old hasn’t shown any side effects to the product after having it put on her last weekend. The label said to put the product between her shoulder blades (old label) and she ended up licking it after it was applied. She is still so small that it would have been pretty tough to find a place on her that she couldn’t get to.
Thank goodness the only side effect so far is that the fleas are still alive and biting her and me like crazy. Maybe there wasn’t enough medication to harm her.
I am so thankful to still have my kitten around – I had no idea this medication was so dangerous!

My Hartz Scare

We adopted an older dog, brought her to the vet, ect. Once it was time for the flea meds, I walked into PetSmart and bought some of their 4-in-one dog flea remedies. The first dose didn’t do anything at all, and I kept buying their products.

Starting in about April, she started having decreased energy (which is very odd for her) and at one point couldn’t stand up. We had no clue what Hartz does to animals, so I figured it had been the medicine the vet had given her for an earliar illness.

For half the summer I applied the flea stuff to her, and she started throwing up, losing her hair, and her energy didn’t get any better. I brought her back to my vet, about to panic becasue I thought she was dying (but she is still living today, thank God). He told me that I should switch to another product right away- and I did.

Frontline has worked wonders for my dog. God Bless Them. She’s getting her energy back, too. DOWN WITH HARTZ!!!!!!!!

Ultra Guard drops cost my kitten his life.

Hello. My name is Shannon Carter, and my kitten Noah died this morning because I didn’t do my reasearch on Hartz products.

I purchased Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea drops for cats 5 pounds and under at a local Wal-Mart. Noah had been outside at my mother’s house, so I was concerned about fleas. I followed the directions exactly and applied the drops two mornings ago. Noah seemed okay, but that evening he began to vomit, and the next morning he refused to eat. I immediately bathed Noah with hand soap and called the veterinarian to bring him in. My once energetic kitten was lethargic and cried often. The vet informed me that your product was not good for pets and "should be pulled off the shelves." She injected him with fluids and did blood work to be sent to the lab. He seemed to be on the mend after another bath with dishwashing detergent per the vet’s instruction.

It didn’t matter. This morning I found Noah passed out on my kitchen floor in a vain attempt to reach his water dish. He had diarrhea. His breathing was shallow, and he was too weak to stand. I rushed him to the vet, and despite the medical team’s efforts to resuscitate him, his heart stopped.

I tried to protect Noah from fleas, and it cost him his young life. I’ll accept responsibility for not getting more information before buying Hartz UltraGuard, but had I known Noah would have such an adverse reaction, I would not have used it and my little friend would still be here today. I found your site, but far too late. I’m emailing Hartz Mountain, every friend I can and contacting Wal-Mart to get the word out. No one should find out the danger of this product the way I did.

Sergeants Gold: BEWARE

I have used topical flea products on both cats and dogs and never had any problems with them until today. I put Sergeants Gold on my dog this morning and by afternoon she was in a terrible state. She was itching, drooling, and scooting around all over the ground. I called the vet and they told me to give her a really good bath. They also told me something I didn’t know. They said they had seen dogs with reactions as severe as seizures to the Sergeants products. Hopefully, an allergic skin reaction is all my pet has had. I am not sure about using any of these products now, whether it be Hartz, Sergeants etc. Our dog Sweetie is a part of our family as are most pet owners pets. I hope this information has helped someone.

Hartz UltraGuardplus for Cats

About two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I noticed a single flea on the youngest of our two cats. In an effort to do something before we had a flea "problem", we bought Hartz UltraGuardplus Flea Drops for Cats (5lbs.+). We administered the drops to both our cats around 5:30 PM and by 10:30 PM we noticed that the youngest was wheezing and breathing irregularly. A nonchalant call to the vet ended in us racing to the bathroom to wash off the medication with dish detergent. The receptionist’s exact words were "have they started seizing yet?" Who would have thought a topical flea treatment could result in seizures, and in some cases, death?

After the baths, the cats seemed to stabilize, but when it came time for bed at around 11:30, they couldn’t get comfortable. The youngest looked intoxicated as she flipped back and forth at our feet, and the oldest’s ears kept twitching like crazy. We decided to take the cats to an Emergency Overnight Vet. It turns out that the vet didn’t do much for our cats. Thank God those seizures were never to come. But after 2:00 AM and a $272 exam fee, we were finally headed home. The cats weren’t themselves for at least 3 days, but now are back to their old antics.

I saw a flea on my pant leg this evening, which made the whole incident come rushing back to me. I know we’re lucky to still have Sterling and Clementine in our lives… I was just hoping after all our struggles the fleas would get the jist that they weren’t welcome.

I took a break from searching for Advantage online to write this update. I found this site right after the incident. Just like most of your visitors, that discovery was made a little too late. I’m just glad I’m writing this entry in our cats’ honor instead of in their memory. Here’s to the pets and owners out there that didn’t get a happy ending.

My Hartz experience

I bought on eof the Hartz flea spot applications and put it on one cat,
in a few hours he went to do his normal routine of jumping on the sink
for a drink, but he fell, he acted numb. Both of his legs where
invlountarily twitching. I went online and was in shock at what I had
found, not hundreds, but more horror stories than I can count of cats
and dogs DYING. I quickly washed and washed the deadly poison from his
skin. He luckily survived.

Note: The products are carried by the big northeast grocer Wegmans, who
seem to have the deadly brand exclusively. I have written them but they
still sell it. Theres some dirty back room deal in place I am
suspecting, otherwise why would they still sell it?

Putting together lawsuit. Victims please contact me.

You have read my other entries I am sure…. Hartz is denying receiving any bloodwork from me saying it is their product. I am getting things together to sue them so if you have any stories… let me know I will add it to my claim. Thank you
[email protected]


My dog is back in the hospital today cause he is NOT getting better and it has been 2 1/2 weeks.

HARTZ worse than Michael Vick…

Recently used HARTZ Ear Mite Treatment on the very healthy family cat "Hooday" of seven wonderful years and within two minutes my eight and nine year old sons got to witness the medicine slowly and painfully KILL a member of our family.

After speaking with not one…but FOUR vets, it was discovered that the ingredient "Pyrethrins" is deadly for cats of any size, shape and form. The box even had a photo of a cat on the packaging and stated, "Hartz Advanced Care Ear Mite Treatment for Cats".

Upon taking the medication back to WAL-MART to speak with them about their product, the store manager happened to work at a Vet’s office for eight years and stated, "I can not believe what I am seeing…everyone knows not to give cats Pyrethrins." Seems if the vets know and WAL-MART associates know then the company who sells the products should know…right???

I jumped on the internet and raced my way through GOOGLE until I found the website where THOUSANDS of other families just like our lost an extended family member to their neglect.

I called Hartz who offered to do their own analysis and autopsy on my cat to determine its death but I can only imagine their findings. GOOD TRY!!! Other than that, they had no real interest in the issue at hand.

Taking notice to the thousands of other stories I would like to compare the company to Michael Vick. He killed around five dogs (five too many in my mind) and society is ready to hang him. Hartz has killed THOUSANDS, knowingly, and yet nothing is done at all and their products can be found in major stores across this land.

Maybe I’m making a big deal about all this because it was our pet. But I am certain that if I went around the USA and personally put POISION into innocent pets, I would probably make CNN along with the cop whom left his dog to die in the hot car. However, some multi-million dollar company with yet another Washington a$$ in its back pocket is allowed to sell whatever they feel like pushing this month to us consumers. BEAUTIFUL…

Upset and venting,

Paul & Family
In loving memory of Hooday Wysong (09.10.07) RIP!!!!!