Pumpkin Died

Not knowing about Hartz’s problem, I used a hartz flea collar for my daughter’s kitten. She was 4 months old and healthy as a horse.
Pumpkin started having seizures. I first thought she was being strangled by her flea collar. We had put it on her the night before. Her and my cat Lily played pretty rough. I took the collar off afraid that it would happen again. She kept having seizure’s and then her right part of her body did’nt work. We called the vet and had a 3 oclock appt. she died at 2:15. Talking with people at work they told me stories of other cat’s that had died because of this. I would like to know how Hartz can still be selling these products? Thanks Kim

The Miracle Cat

My cat, Sillky, was a stray we found in our backyard when I was in 1st grade, it was all ready amazing that she lived because she had been shot with a small gun, I forget what type, and still has the bullet in her.
We had had her for only a few months when my grandma came to visit and she noticed that the cat had fleas, my mom had order flea medication for her, but it hadn’t come in yet. When we where at target we picked up some over the counter meds, Hartz. Even though the directions said to put it on the cat at night time my mom decided that we should put it on her at noon because she was itching so much. That night we had company over and we carved Pumpkins for Halloween. Sillky doesn’t like people so she hid the whole time, when I did see her she acted really funny, but I assumed it was just her being scared. After they left she was still acting strange so I gave her some food to calm her down, because I was only 7 I didn’t know that she was having a seizure. Luckily my mom did so she quickly called her brother who was a vet. Meanwhile I was trying to hold my cat still while my grandma washed her with soap and a sponge. When I heard my mom scream at my uncle saying that she was not going to let the cat die I started crying even harder than before. My little angel who was sent to me because my parents would get me a cat, she couldn’t leave me this soon. My mom and grandma wrapped her up in a towel and took her to an emergency vet clinic, leaving me at home. I stayed up all night crying, not knowing what was happening. They finally came home at two am, by then I had fallen asleep. The next morning my mom told me what happened, they fully bathed the cat, and then my mom went to Mount Nittnay Medical Centre (the human hospital) to pick up some kind of expensive medicine. The vet took my cat home and kept her in the bath tub, waking up every hour to give her more medicine through an IV.

I was able to take home Sillky the next day and six years, many "war wounds" and a misdiagnosis of heart worms (turned out to be a stress induced heart murmur) later I have a healthy cat sitting on my lap, helping me write this story.

Hartz UltraGard plus -don’t ever use it

We have applied Hartz UltraGard plus to our cat, Carmel, following the instructions on the box. Next morning the cat had convulsions, was botally disoriented and had difficulty breathing. Took the cat to the vet, preliminary diagnosis was chemical toxicity. The cat was on IV medication including anti-convulsants. Two days latter and $162.00 lighter we brought the cat home – she is fine now. I called Hartz Consumer Relations – I was asked to send them a case report, the vet’s diagnosis and the remainder of the UltraGard plus packege. I did sent it and they received it. Then there was a phone call from Hartz requesting a hair sample from the cat for chemical analysis. The vet removed some hair from the cat and shipped it to Hartz. On September 12, 2007 I received a letter, dated September4, 2007, signed by Jill Richardson DVM, Director of Consumer Relations Department, which letter states: "This letter is a folliow up from the hair analysis report. According to the information, the product used on Carmel contained permethrin. Hartz has never manufactured any cat products that contain permethrin. Therefore, we have confirmed that the product you had used on Carmel was not a Hartz cat product." By whom or where the hair sample analysis was performed is not indicated in the letter. What Hartz is saying, that we lied – the UltraGard plus that we used on Carmel was not a Hartz product. Folks, this is not the end of this.

Sargents gold-for DOGS OVER 61 POUNDS

I wish to god i found this site a few days ago, I had no idea hartz was selling poison. I bought sargents gold for my large dog, and my cat as well.
my dog had a swollen tongue,drooling profusely, confusion, seizure like movements, itching, scratching, biting her skin, and a host of other ailments. i read the box put her in the tub, and shampooed her. i didnt know to use dishwashing liquid till the next day when i called them and they told me there was no way that the product was a result of seizure type movements, i told them b-s, my dog was fine yesterday. I bought benedryl, and dawn and bathed both the cat and the dog fully again the next day. they both seem ok now, but im wondering , whats the long term effects?
even poison control tried to tell me seizure type movements were not the result of this product and i said bull-s–t. it should be yanked. never, ever will i buy another product like this ever again, i almost lost my babies.

Zodiac…Harts needs to be pulled from shelves

Zodiac flea control nearly killed two of our beloved cats. Foaming, vomiting, convulsions…. Overnights at the vet’s office. the vets told me that they had seen 6 different cases in the last two weeks. How are these products still for sale?

Our cats are going to recover, but others might not be as lucky. tell everyone you know Zodiac Flea control is deadly… and not fit for animals just for those who market it.

Christopher K
Portland OR


Unfortunately I used the flea and tick shampoo and we almost lost our dog. He had lesions all over his back and was in severe pain with a exteremely high fever. Baxter spent two day in hospital on IV’s and a lot of pain medicine antibiotics. Please let anyone you know who has a pet not to used this product. I am taking Baxter to the vet tonight for his second follow-up exam.

Human ill

I bought a flea collar for my cat and as soon as I put it on her I started to get patches of red bumps and painful iching on my arms, hands and ankles. I looked online to see if there could be anything in the collar to casue this and I found this web site. I took the collar off my cat and now am waiting another day to see if she gets sick. she’s okay now. it’s been 2 days. I hope my rash goes away. watch out. this product hurts humans too.