It’s Sergeants Products As Well

Whatever you do, do not use Sergeants brand pet shampoo, flea medication or anything else made by them on your pets. Dogs or cats. We found this out the hard way. We usually use the stuff from the vets office but were out and I just ran up to the store to grab something. Never again!!! I put the Sergeants flea medication on both our dogs last night. Our older dog Maggie was fine but it really affected our younger one Izzie. To the point that we had to take her to the emergency vet clinic last night. She was drooling uncontrolably, vomiting and had tremors. This happened within an hour of application. The vet advised us to wash her will Dawn dish soap and watch her for seizures. Well I wasn’t going to sit there and wait for her to have a seizure. So we took both of them down to the clinic. Maggie was fine but Izzie had to stay the night. She had an IV and was given fluids, muscle relaxers, anti-nausea meds, and something to stop the drooling. She is fine now but it cost a pretty penny to take her to the emergency clinic. Don’t get me wrong I would have paid any price to have her well. The kicker is the vet and the staff all said they have seen multiple cases like this from people using the Sergeants brand products. They’ve actually had cats that have had seizures and died. I can’t believe this product is still on the shelf and being sold in stores everywhere. Tell everyone you know not to use these products on their pets.

~ Amanda

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