Hartz flea drops

I bought Hartz flea drops a few years ago (in 2002). When I used a dose on my cat Minette, my cat had a really bad reaction. My cat went crazy and defecated and urinated several times on the floor, while running in multiple directions. My cat managed to lick the product, and went even more sick and stressed.

Finally, my cat got better after a few hours and I promised to myself to not use this product again.

Now, let’s go to September 2007. I have a severe flea infestation right now and I am kinda desesperate. So I find my old box of Hartz flea drops, with two doses left.

I say to myself : "Maybe last time I did something wrong so I’ll try again". So today I used a dose on Minette. Immediatly, she had an adverse reaction. She ran away and hid from me. Minette then ran around the appartment a little, obviously scared and tried to remove the product by licking and scratching.

I say to myself : "Something is wrong!", then I made some research and just found out about the whole controversy about this dangerous product!

I used the drops 2 hours ago, but my cat is still stressed. Minette runs in random directions and is panicked a little. Minette went to her litter box 2 times in like 30 minutes and is still having adverse reactions right now.

I have no problem at all to believe that many cats were sick or died because of this product. It seems very dangerous! Have they ever tested it at all before selling it? This is ridiculous!

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