My poor little kitty

We bought a kitten for my 4 year-old daughter, who named her Ruby, after one of her favorite cartoons. After a few days, my daughter mentioned that she saw a bug on Ruby- when I checked she was COVERED in fleas. (my other 2 cats had them as well). In a panic, I asked my mother to pick up some flea remedy, since the vet was closed in the evening. I carefully read the directions, but it did not say to not use the 3 in 1 spray in cats younger than 12 weeks, so I liberally applied it. The next morning, Ruby was twitching and wasn’t able to walk straight. we rushed her to the vet, who kept her overnight, and recommended to put her to sleep the next morning. we elected to see if she’d recover over the weekend, and today we hear she’s eating and drinking, but the vet has to figure out what meds she might still need. I’m not sure if she’s "out of the woods" yet.

here’s the thing- I have a doctorate in PHARMACY and knew enough to look for an age warning on the bottle. I later went back and found the warning "hidden" in the "overdose and toxicity section" but it NEEDS TO CLEARLY SAY ON THE LABEL." I feel so horrible- trying to make the little cat better and almost killed her in the process. I was under the impression that NO treatment would be worse since fleas can cause anemia in young cats. Shame on Hartz! my vet has since said that it’s called "Hartz dog and cat killer" in her office.

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