I did it.

I noticed my cat had tapeworm so i called the vet and made an appointment. I told the vet i was going to get some flea control. The vet secretary said that’s a good idea.

I went to walmart.
I had three options,
—or have the vet get me a prescriptions one.

I asked someone who was working at walmart which one she would go with, she said hartz because advantage is newer.

Well, i applied it, and the cats start frothing, so i wiped some of it off, and i think there fine now, but i need tot get the rest of it off, so i’m going to bath theme.

I should have did my research, I thought i could trust a product that being sold at ever department store. I’m such a gullible stupid consumer.

Well my cats seem fine after three days, but i’m worried i did some kind of damage that isn’t occuring right now.

I called the vet back and told her i put hartz on my cat, she told me that wasn’t a good idea. I asked her why she didn’t warn me while we were discussing this before. I figured when i said that i waas going to put drops on my cat she would say something. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. How did i miss all the bad reviews, and websites.

I think i’m going to go to walmart, and put labels on all the hartz pruduct that say POSION: consult vets, and check the web about this product.

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