How 2 get rid of fleas

please don’t use chemicals on animals to get rid of fleas.
There is a safe and human way to get rid of them and I will
tell you how to do it and your loved pet will love u 4 it also.

Take half a cup of vineigar and half a cup of water
mix them together.
wet your pet down as coat needs to be completely wet
Then rub from the tip of head to the tip of tail
then let sit for about 3 min then rinse completely off
then give your kitty a bath in sunlight soap and make
sure you rinse off all the fur completely.

If u have a large dog then use half and half on coat

always make sure the mixture is half and half
follow directions as above.

This will get rid of fleas and ticks and it is completely
SAFE and will not harm your kitty or puppy or cat or dog

Dont use a product that will harm you or your animal
especially if u know it has a chemical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I know this works with no side affects
as I have used it for over 20 years and every
pet I have ever had has always loved me for
not using a chemical that will kill them.

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