Charlie and Natasha’s fate

Hi, My name is Joyce and I normally use the Frontline on all my cats
I breed and sell Bengal Cats.
The story about Charlie and Natasha is very true
I ran out of the Frontline Flea Treatment and I only had two cats left to d and it was well past time for the vets to be closed so, I went to our local Wal Mart and I got some of the Hartz Plus Flea Treatment because I thought that they was a good company to buy from because they have been around for sveral years, and I put it on Charlie and Natasha.
I got up about 1 am and found Charlie having severe seisures, I washed him off as best I could and rushed him to the emergency vet hospital in Boone, NC where he was given immediate attention.
Charlie was in a coma state by the time I got him there.
I was told to come back home and come back in the moring at about 7 am.
When I returned back home I found Natasha having the same kind of seisures so, I rushed her to the same place for treatment.
The next morning when it was time to take them to the day vet when Charlie was unhooked from his IV he stopped breathing and his heart stopped.
Well I lost it then,I started crying so hard because I just knew that my baby was dieing.
The vet that was taking care of them during the night did CPR on him and was able to bring him back.
These two cats suffered very much because I put the Hartz Plus Flea Treatment on them.
If I had known that it was that dangerous I never would have used it on my babies.
These cats were in a coma for three days, and I was hurting so bad inside because I thought I was going to loose my babies
I couldn’t eat or sleep or anything because I was just worring about these two babies.
When they finally got to come back home, they were not the same.
Charlie has problems with his back legs and Natasha’s left eye doesn’t focus.
The products that Hartz Mountain Corporation does make, is POISON
I tried contacting the Hartz Corporation but they say that they are not going to pay for any of this.
Someting has to be done about this and we have to do i
I spent out over $1600.00 on these two babies and I would do it again if I had to.
These babies mean the world to me, they are worth all the money in the world to me.

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