The Miracle Cat

My cat, Sillky, was a stray we found in our backyard when I was in 1st grade, it was all ready amazing that she lived because she had been shot with a small gun, I forget what type, and still has the bullet in her.
We had had her for only a few months when my grandma came to visit and she noticed that the cat had fleas, my mom had order flea medication for her, but it hadn’t come in yet. When we where at target we picked up some over the counter meds, Hartz. Even though the directions said to put it on the cat at night time my mom decided that we should put it on her at noon because she was itching so much. That night we had company over and we carved Pumpkins for Halloween. Sillky doesn’t like people so she hid the whole time, when I did see her she acted really funny, but I assumed it was just her being scared. After they left she was still acting strange so I gave her some food to calm her down, because I was only 7 I didn’t know that she was having a seizure. Luckily my mom did so she quickly called her brother who was a vet. Meanwhile I was trying to hold my cat still while my grandma washed her with soap and a sponge. When I heard my mom scream at my uncle saying that she was not going to let the cat die I started crying even harder than before. My little angel who was sent to me because my parents would get me a cat, she couldn’t leave me this soon. My mom and grandma wrapped her up in a towel and took her to an emergency vet clinic, leaving me at home. I stayed up all night crying, not knowing what was happening. They finally came home at two am, by then I had fallen asleep. The next morning my mom told me what happened, they fully bathed the cat, and then my mom went to Mount Nittnay Medical Centre (the human hospital) to pick up some kind of expensive medicine. The vet took my cat home and kept her in the bath tub, waking up every hour to give her more medicine through an IV.

I was able to take home Sillky the next day and six years, many "war wounds" and a misdiagnosis of heart worms (turned out to be a stress induced heart murmur) later I have a healthy cat sitting on my lap, helping me write this story.

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