Sargents gold-for DOGS OVER 61 POUNDS

I wish to god i found this site a few days ago, I had no idea hartz was selling poison. I bought sargents gold for my large dog, and my cat as well.
my dog had a swollen tongue,drooling profusely, confusion, seizure like movements, itching, scratching, biting her skin, and a host of other ailments. i read the box put her in the tub, and shampooed her. i didnt know to use dishwashing liquid till the next day when i called them and they told me there was no way that the product was a result of seizure type movements, i told them b-s, my dog was fine yesterday. I bought benedryl, and dawn and bathed both the cat and the dog fully again the next day. they both seem ok now, but im wondering , whats the long term effects?
even poison control tried to tell me seizure type movements were not the result of this product and i said bull-s–t. it should be yanked. never, ever will i buy another product like this ever again, i almost lost my babies.

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