Hartz UltraGard plus -don’t ever use it

We have applied Hartz UltraGard plus to our cat, Carmel, following the instructions on the box. Next morning the cat had convulsions, was botally disoriented and had difficulty breathing. Took the cat to the vet, preliminary diagnosis was chemical toxicity. The cat was on IV medication including anti-convulsants. Two days latter and $162.00 lighter we brought the cat home – she is fine now. I called Hartz Consumer Relations – I was asked to send them a case report, the vet’s diagnosis and the remainder of the UltraGard plus packege. I did sent it and they received it. Then there was a phone call from Hartz requesting a hair sample from the cat for chemical analysis. The vet removed some hair from the cat and shipped it to Hartz. On September 12, 2007 I received a letter, dated September4, 2007, signed by Jill Richardson DVM, Director of Consumer Relations Department, which letter states: "This letter is a folliow up from the hair analysis report. According to the information, the product used on Carmel contained permethrin. Hartz has never manufactured any cat products that contain permethrin. Therefore, we have confirmed that the product you had used on Carmel was not a Hartz cat product." By whom or where the hair sample analysis was performed is not indicated in the letter. What Hartz is saying, that we lied – the UltraGard plus that we used on Carmel was not a Hartz product. Folks, this is not the end of this.

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