Ultra Guard drops cost my kitten his life.

Hello. My name is Shannon Carter, and my kitten Noah died this morning because I didn’t do my reasearch on Hartz products.

I purchased Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea drops for cats 5 pounds and under at a local Wal-Mart. Noah had been outside at my mother’s house, so I was concerned about fleas. I followed the directions exactly and applied the drops two mornings ago. Noah seemed okay, but that evening he began to vomit, and the next morning he refused to eat. I immediately bathed Noah with hand soap and called the veterinarian to bring him in. My once energetic kitten was lethargic and cried often. The vet informed me that your product was not good for pets and "should be pulled off the shelves." She injected him with fluids and did blood work to be sent to the lab. He seemed to be on the mend after another bath with dishwashing detergent per the vet’s instruction.

It didn’t matter. This morning I found Noah passed out on my kitchen floor in a vain attempt to reach his water dish. He had diarrhea. His breathing was shallow, and he was too weak to stand. I rushed him to the vet, and despite the medical team’s efforts to resuscitate him, his heart stopped.

I tried to protect Noah from fleas, and it cost him his young life. I’ll accept responsibility for not getting more information before buying Hartz UltraGuard, but had I known Noah would have such an adverse reaction, I would not have used it and my little friend would still be here today. I found your site, but far too late. I’m emailing Hartz Mountain, every friend I can and contacting Wal-Mart to get the word out. No one should find out the danger of this product the way I did.

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