My Hartz Scare

We adopted an older dog, brought her to the vet, ect. Once it was time for the flea meds, I walked into PetSmart and bought some of their 4-in-one dog flea remedies. The first dose didn’t do anything at all, and I kept buying their products.

Starting in about April, she started having decreased energy (which is very odd for her) and at one point couldn’t stand up. We had no clue what Hartz does to animals, so I figured it had been the medicine the vet had given her for an earliar illness.

For half the summer I applied the flea stuff to her, and she started throwing up, losing her hair, and her energy didn’t get any better. I brought her back to my vet, about to panic becasue I thought she was dying (but she is still living today, thank God). He told me that I should switch to another product right away- and I did.

Frontline has worked wonders for my dog. God Bless Them. She’s getting her energy back, too. DOWN WITH HARTZ!!!!!!!!

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