Killed my cat

I noticed that my cat was reclusive tonight, so I went to the vet to buy some meds, but they were closed. I went to a groccery store and bought Hartz 5 Gold and put it on her and sheimmediately started stirring, whining, and wheezing.

I went on the Net and looked up Hartz and they said to wait 45 minutes before fleas were killed. In the meantime, I searched further and found this site. After half an hour, I started washing her down with soap. She must have had a stroke as she convulsed, and then spent half an hour, her eyes glazed over and periodically gasping before she died. Her teeth and paw pads were white which means her liver was overtaxed. I have a feeling that she may have had leukemia (common in outside cats) and this med sent her over the edge. I basically killed her out of ignorance, but I still killed her.

I am not surprised. I am opposed to all pesticides. I believe that lanolin does work because most of the fleas are gone now. I used Irish Spring.

I will never use any pesticides on any cat henceforth. We now have the Internet, and there are remedies out their.

A few years ago, a feral cat had kittens who had sever eye problems. I was unemployed at the time and had severely limited funds and no savings. One of the kitten’s eye got so bulged out that I finally took it to the vet. He told me that the eyeball had to be removed for 1200 bucks. I could not afford that so he put it down (killed it).

Another of the kittens started developing the same problem. The vet said he would have to examine it vbefore prescribing anything. I could not afford that, so I searched the Net. I figured out that triple-antibiotic ointment that states "Do not use in eyes" is prescribed for cat/feline eye infections. I put it on all of the kitten eyes and they were fine in two days. That cost me 3 bucks. Vets are like human docs: they charge you to do what you can do on your own if you have the knowledge. However, you have to do research. The Net research I did did not mention triple-antibiotic in their remedies; rather, they mentioned clinical terms which I further researched and discovered were all contained in triple antibiotic ointment.

I have also learned that when cats come down with sniffles, to put a capsule or half a capsule of amoxycilin (purchased from Mexico) in their water. That clears it up.

Educate yourself. Do not fall prey to the system.

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