I used Hartz THEN found this site

I used Hartz on my 4 cats about 2 days ago… I was one of the lucky ones… my cats are fine today. But after I applied it to them, I found this website and it was the WORST weekend just hoping for the best. One of my cats was acting a little weird and skittish and I was terrified. he ended up being ok. I met a lot of people through a cat board that said how dangerous hartz is (and doesn’t work anyway).

I called my vet today and they said I could use Advantage right away, that the cats would be ok. A few hours later, no sign of a single flea on any of the cats. It’s WONDERFUL.

I’m one of the lucky ones…. I just wish I knew about the dangers of using Hartz before I gave it to them. I will alert EVERYONE now that I come in contact with.


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