HARTZ worse than Michael Vick…

Recently used HARTZ Ear Mite Treatment on the very healthy family cat "Hooday" of seven wonderful years and within two minutes my eight and nine year old sons got to witness the medicine slowly and painfully KILL a member of our family.

After speaking with not one…but FOUR vets, it was discovered that the ingredient "Pyrethrins" is deadly for cats of any size, shape and form. The box even had a photo of a cat on the packaging and stated, "Hartz Advanced Care Ear Mite Treatment for Cats".

Upon taking the medication back to WAL-MART to speak with them about their product, the store manager happened to work at a Vet’s office for eight years and stated, "I can not believe what I am seeing…everyone knows not to give cats Pyrethrins." Seems if the vets know and WAL-MART associates know then the company who sells the products should know…right???

I jumped on the internet and raced my way through GOOGLE until I found the website www.hartzvictims.org where THOUSANDS of other families just like our lost an extended family member to their neglect.

I called Hartz who offered to do their own analysis and autopsy on my cat to determine its death but I can only imagine their findings. GOOD TRY!!! Other than that, they had no real interest in the issue at hand.

Taking notice to the thousands of other stories I would like to compare the company to Michael Vick. He killed around five dogs (five too many in my mind) and society is ready to hang him. Hartz has killed THOUSANDS, knowingly, and yet nothing is done at all and their products can be found in major stores across this land.

Maybe I’m making a big deal about all this because it was our pet. But I am certain that if I went around the USA and personally put POISION into innocent pets, I would probably make CNN along with the cop whom left his dog to die in the hot car. However, some multi-million dollar company with yet another Washington a$$ in its back pocket is allowed to sell whatever they feel like pushing this month to us consumers. BEAUTIFUL…

Upset and venting,

Paul & Family
In loving memory of Hooday Wysong (09.10.07) RIP!!!!!

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