Hartz UltraGuardplus for Cats

About two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I noticed a single flea on the youngest of our two cats. In an effort to do something before we had a flea "problem", we bought Hartz UltraGuardplus Flea Drops for Cats (5lbs.+). We administered the drops to both our cats around 5:30 PM and by 10:30 PM we noticed that the youngest was wheezing and breathing irregularly. A nonchalant call to the vet ended in us racing to the bathroom to wash off the medication with dish detergent. The receptionist’s exact words were "have they started seizing yet?" Who would have thought a topical flea treatment could result in seizures, and in some cases, death?

After the baths, the cats seemed to stabilize, but when it came time for bed at around 11:30, they couldn’t get comfortable. The youngest looked intoxicated as she flipped back and forth at our feet, and the oldest’s ears kept twitching like crazy. We decided to take the cats to an Emergency Overnight Vet. It turns out that the vet didn’t do much for our cats. Thank God those seizures were never to come. But after 2:00 AM and a $272 exam fee, we were finally headed home. The cats weren’t themselves for at least 3 days, but now are back to their old antics.

I saw a flea on my pant leg this evening, which made the whole incident come rushing back to me. I know we’re lucky to still have Sterling and Clementine in our lives… I was just hoping after all our struggles the fleas would get the jist that they weren’t welcome.

I took a break from searching for Advantage online to write this update. I found this site right after the incident. Just like most of your visitors, that discovery was made a little too late. I’m just glad I’m writing this entry in our cats’ honor instead of in their memory. Here’s to the pets and owners out there that didn’t get a happy ending.

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