Hartz Flea Medicine Killed my cat Kierra

Well my name is Janet and I have two beautiful cats. Kierra (6yrs) and Kalel (6months) are my pride and joy. I started to noticed that they were getting fleas and instead of going to the vet I went to Target and purchased Hartz flea medicine. I never tried it due to my cats never having this problem but figured it was a common issue and nothing to worry about. I applied it on Saturday Sept 1 at 8pm. I noticed right away my cats were different but nothing to be concern about. Kalel wanted it off of him and kept trying to lick himself. As for Kierra she was just lying there not moving not making a fuss …. again I just thought she was taking in the medicine so I went to bed that night … next morning I awoke and she was extra cuddly she wanted to lay in bed with me and snuggle. I remember I hugged her really tight *like I always do* and put her down cuz I had to go to work …. well I returned from work around 8pm and I found her dead on my living room floor. She was ice cold, hard as cement, so I knew she was gone for some time. I immediately took Kalel to the ER to have him check. That is where I found out that Kierra was poison from this Hartz Flea Medicine. Apparently it has a chemical that kills cats instantly or gives them seizures. I feel responsible for giving her this medicine but then again I didn’t know…… I just want people not to give this medicine to their pet EVER AGAIN!!! It KILLS and the company claims there isn’t enough cats dying from this! I don’t want anyone to lose a best friend like I did….. Blessed Be My beautiful Kierra I will MISS YOU VERY MUCH!

Thank you for reading

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