Hatrz ear mite product for dogs

My sons dog who is believed to be pregnant suddenly got very ill yesterday evening after putting the ear mite product in Kiera’s ears. She has had this treatment before with no adverse effects, the vet believes it could be a reaction because of the change in her body due to being pregnant. I want to tell everyone that Hartz earmit medication needs to go on the do not use list. After reading so many stories I can not believe this is the first I have heard of it. Kierra’s symptoms are the same as some of the stories about cats. She lost her balance, was unable to stand, siezures, and the eyes rolling back were a big scare. Not only has my son discarded all Hartz products, but I to will discard all Hartz products that I may have for my cat, dog, and two ferrets. This warning is going out by way of my spaceto every body my office can notify with it.

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