Seizures from 3-1 shampoo

I have a 7 year old *****er Spaniel Satin who, until I relocated never had a flea problem. Well, that changed as I moved to a more susceptible area for fleas. In looking for over the counter flea products, it seemed like the only thing that was readily available was the Hartz flea products. Within 3 months after using the shampoo, Satin had her first seizure. At first I had thought it was chemical induced because she had just gotten into a bag of Millano cookies with the chocolate middle a couple days before.

Unfortunately, that was not the last one. In the span of 1 year she had over 4 seizures and in researching the everyday products that I’ve used on her within that time frame, I realized that it was the Hartz shampoo that I would pick up at the grocery store that was causing her the awful seizures!!

Since I’ve changed shampoos and taken her to the vet (which resulted in a rather large bill) her seizures are less frequent and she seems to be doing better. I have since thrown out every Hartz product that I had in the house, shampoo, flea spray, household spray, etc., and have been trying to inform as many people that I can about this.

I hope this story helps others who are finding themselves in a similar situation.

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