Lost 2 beloved cats because of Hartz flea drops

Today I experienced a terrible ordeal. Two of my three beloved cats fell ill because of a product I’m sure everyone has heard of, or even used on your pet at some point. I applied Hartz all in one flea and tick drops to my cats yesterday afternoon and by this morning two of my cats were gravely ill. The early symptoms were stumbling, uncontrolable shaking, and weakness. By the time I contacted my local vet, one of my cats were already experiencing severe seizures. And the other was well on her way to the same awful outcome. As I type this both are in ICU at my local emergency vets office, and I am here awaiting word on their condition. While waiting I have done research on this flea medicine on the Internet with horrifying results. My case is NOT isolated. This has actually happened to many pets and pet owners before me. My local vet even told me of cases she has treated before. I found a site that has so many saddening stories of the same things happening to their pets. If you are using this product I strongly urge you to look at this site before continue use. I unknowingly used this product thinking I was helping my pets, when this product has actually put their lives in danger.

Update: This was a email I sent out yesterday afternoon to my family and friends. At 8:00PM my vet called and said she would be unable to bring my cats out of the state they were in and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let them go. I cannot express how outraged I am at the Hartz comp. for knowing this is going on and doing nothing to prevent any future cases.

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