It’s not just the flea and tick drops!

My adorable 2 year old Maine Coon absolutely loves the Hartz 5-pack of rabbit fur mice. Like other reports that I have seen online, she bites the tails off, rips the mice to pieces, and will even play fetch. Several months after I first found these mice her liver was near failure (keep in mind she was only 1 year old – hardly an elderly cat!). I didn’t make any connection until just recently… I didn’t have the mice around for the majority of the last year because I moved and couldn’t find stores that stocked the mice. A few months ago I found them at Walgreen’s and was so excited to bring some home for her again (she was even more thrilled!). Now, she has suddenly stopped eating, drinking, playing, meowing, and is running a temperature again. The vets can’t find any explanation in her bloodwork so I tried to brainstorm what was similar between her liver incident a year ago and her sudden health problems now. The only similarity is the introduction of these mice into her daily life. The toys are made in China so I am wondering with all these recalls…is this a lead paint/dye issue? Are there toxins in these "animal-safe" mice that are poisoning my cat’s system? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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