Hartz One Spot cat flea drops

Hello, I just registered here while browsing to find out what may be wrong with my cats. It’s a shame. We rescued both of these beautiful cats from the shelter…had them both ‘fixed’, and they now rule our home. We noticed a little scratching, so we bathed them, and bought this product to use on them. Unfortunately, since this product, we’ve made several trips to the vet. Both cats necks were crusty and raw from their excessive scratching. They lost their hair around their heads (both are persian, so they were having a tough time with hair)…we’ve tried everything. The vet recommended Revolution, but we had better luck with Advantage. Does anyone here recommend anything that will clear this up? We’re using cortisone spray on their raw places…giving them both antibiotics….along with the Advantage. For years, I trusted Hartz products…..never again.

Got it on my hand and got sick

I got the Hartz product for my cats that kills fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs. I never had a problem until the purple squeeze tube opened when I cut it and got some on my hands. Over the next day or so, I got sick. I felt flu-like symptoms but with no fever. Groggy, somewhat nauseous, sore throat. Took Tylenol and went to bed. I sure hope there are no long-term effects!!

I am in soooo angry!!

As I’m writing these lines, my little one year old shiztsu, Herni, is sitting on my lap, still damp from the emergency bath my daughter and I gave her a while ago. Yesterday we found a flea in her, so today, I bought at the supermarket Stop and Shop a pack of HARTZ 3 in 1 Flea and Tick drops for dogs and puppies 15 lbs and under. I followed the instructions and applied the product on my dog’s coat. A few minutes after, she started acting very strange, sniffing, salivating a lot, coughing and licking the floor like crazy. After a while I decided this wasn’t normal, and that it was a reaction to the flea drops. I don’t think she ingested the product, but, I can’t discard this possibility. Anyway, after 10 min. of this frantic behaviour, I gave her milk, and she drank two bowls. Then I gave her a warm bath to rinse off all the poison. After the bath she seemed to get better, but kept drinking more milk. It’s only been around 2 hours since the incident began, and I was shocked when I googled "Hartz – poison" and found hundreds of websites with complaints about this product! This is obviously a product that can’t be sold anymore. I hope this letter adds to the big list of scary stories involving Hartz products. My sympathy to those affected.Oh, by the way, my baby seems to be ok now.

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Long Island, NY
August 17, 2007

Sergants flea drops killed 3 of my cats

My family had 6 of the best, cuddly cats EVER. 4 were the babies of one we didnt know was pregnant, One my wife hand raised from 1day 2oz. I actualy helped in the birthing of the 4 babies because Ginger (the mother) came yowling for me and then ran to the bedroom, and started giving birth…( It was as if she wanted me there). So needless to say they were all like FAMILY.
My wife purchased Sergants flea drops 2 days ago, and treated them all. As of this evening 2 are dead, 1 has not returned home, or been seen for 10 hours.
Symptoms are jerking seizures, dialated pupils, faoming mouth, with some vomiting.
I am crushed, and heartbroken………….at the loss of my babies.
Ginger, Gracie, Arewen, we will remember and love you always. God bless your litle souls.


2 in 1 Rid Flea dog shampoo with oatmeal


Last week I thought my 14 year old shitzu she got choked on a doggie treat, as she acted like she was trying to cough it up and she quit eating it. I went to work and thought she was ok but when I got home 9 hours later, she was having a hard time breathing, so off to the animal hospital. They had to give her oxygen and took xrays to see if she had something stuck in her throat, but she didn’t. The next morning I took her to her vet, who  treated her with antibiotics and a lung medicine saying they thought she might have a respiratory infection.

Last night at 2:00 am, she wet all over herself, couldn’t stand up and her eyes were twitching horribly. So off I went to the animal hospital, where they took blood tests, but nothing showed up that could have caused what appeared to be a stroke to me. The vet said it appeared she is having seizures. 

The interesting thing is that the night before she had problems breathing I gave her a bath in 2 in 1 Rid Flea dog shampoo with oatmeal. And last night before she started having seizures, I had given her a bath in the same shampoo. Coincidence maybe, but a friend of mine told me about the horror stories that others had experiences with Hartz products and I decided to look it up. Several of the stories I have read on this website sounds very much like what we have gone through with our dog in the last 2 weeks. I called Hartz to find out the ingredients to see if it could be the shampoo, but was told that it didn’t have the product my vet said to see if the shampoo had in it, organo phosphates. My dog is still experiencing walking problems and she is scared.

The shampoo went in the garbage and I wanted to let others know of the potential of this shampoo.

Broken Hearted In Alaska More Info for all of you

Ok I contacted hartzs, they were very nice to me and so they say they are sorry, Anyway They are paying to have my Yorkies body sent out for an auptosy and to have her cremated and ashes sent to me, They told me that an Independt company would do the report. They also said that they want to find out if it was the flea drops or not and if so they would , do what ever they could to make there prouduct better, Yeah WILL SEE . Way is it still on all the shelfs at every store I go too. Someone needs to stop these people maybe a class action suit, Anyone have any info on that?? I will keep you posted on what happens with us. Good luck to you all. Feel free to email me [email protected]

warning if you love your cats

I am here to warn everyone I can about this product.It isULTRA GUARD plus for fleas for cats….myself and my daughter baught some of this product ..After applying this to the cats one had a severe reaction to it … we had to give the cats a bath to get this off them .. one of the cats was salavating and her pupils were extremely large and she started to hide … now i looked into this called the vet .. just so happens i bathed the cats just intime to keep from my loving animals being ANOTHER HARTZ VICTIM….please tell everyone you can about this product ..dont let your babies be on the list of victims .


I am a mother of 4 kids ,3 cats,1 dog and 1 bird. My sister in law was watching my cats. When she sent them home she put that hartz on them. The little cat Mickey is only 14 months old. It attacked him the worst. He was screaming! This poor cat was shaking sooo hard it hurt me. My first thought was check on the others. So far so good with them. Ok so we give Mickey a bath with people shampoo. It is way stronger than cat stuff. Then we gave the other 2 a bath. I put milk down and the other boy Simba drank the whole bowl. So, Mickey is not good at all. Simba is fine. Now my Mama cat is starting to shake. It took about 12 hours,fish in a can(not tuna),milk and lots of love to fix these guys. So far they seem to be doing good. Some on had said to use dawn dish soap. I did on mickey’s 2nd bath.I think me and the cats got lucky they live through it . DO NOT USE HARTZ!!!!!!!!!!! 8-07-07

Seargent Silver Flea Control Burned a Hole in My Cat

I noticed a flea on my Jackie-Boy, so I got some Seargent’s Silver Flea Control. I was nervous about putting OTC flea medication on him, but I knew that I couldn’t take him to the vet for another month or so. Well, it was the worst mistake I could have made. I applied the medication. Immediately afterwards, Jack was shaking and scratching himself. I had hoped that it was because it stung a little. The next morning, there was a large red mark on him where the medication had been applied. As the day grew on, the mark got worse, and he began losing his hair in that area. The spot is now the size of a silver dollar, and I will be taking him to the vet this week. I could not believe that this had happened. I feel like the worst mother in the world and I hurt my poor baby. I was it off twice a day now and apply Bacitracin to it. Hopefully that will do until I get to see our vet. I wish that I could have found this warning site sooner, but hopefully it will help someone else before there is an accident.