Sentry Natural Defense burns animals

I found this site looking for anyone who had experience with pet flea products causing harm. I recently adopted a kitten and she had 1 or 2 fleas that I noticed over a week period so I decided to treat her and my other cat and dog. I have a 2 year old and a bird so I wanted to try the natural stuff. Sentry Natural Defense products "say" they are all natural ingredients however, I don’t believe that to be truth. Within minutes of putting on the liquid following the directions, my kitten began yowling like she was hurt. I rubbed as much off as I could with a warm washcloth thinking it must just be the cooling feeling from the peppermint that annoyed her since my other cat and my dog seemed fine. I was wrong. The next day I noticed that my kitten seemed fine, but the cat was red and it looked like a scald burn, and my dog was blistered all over her back. The kitten had some scabbing over the nest few days as well. My 1 year old cat lost a nice patch of hair as the scabs came off, and the dog has a nice thin stripe down her back. I am passing on to everyone that I know not to use the Sentry products. I know that Sentry is made by Sargents, I don’t think Hartz is but any product that does this to several animals needs to be stopped!! Thanks!

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