Kimber died 8/27/07 from 4in1 drops

My name is Rachelle Petersen. I lost my dog just this past Monday morning at 5 am. Her name is Kimber and she was 5 y/o. My husband and I lost a baby the night before we got married and he gave me Kimber a short while later. He knew I needed someone to take care of and he was right. She was a perfect match for me. Kimber was a black Pomeranian and weighed 4 and a half pounds full grown. She thought I hung the moon. I gave her a bath on Thursday and put Hartz 4in1 flea drops on her on Friday around 6 pm. Saturday at 2 in the afternoon she started heaving and throwing up clear liquid and foam was coming out of her mouth and nose along with small seizures that kept getting worse. We don’t live where there are a lot emergency vets after hours or weekends. I planned on taking her to the closest vet on Monday morning. I never got the chance. I babied her and held her the whole time she was sick. She lost control of her legs and bowels about 4 am on Monday morning and I knew she was not going to make it. I told her how sorry I was about a million times and that I loved her even more times than that. I finally told her it was ok to go, that she would be in a better place and that I would counting the days till I saw her again. She looked up at me with a scared pained look in her eyes her legs went stiff and she struggled to take another breath during this final seizure and my Kimber was gone. I can’t eat I can’t sleep and I feel like I have lost the baby all over again as well as the only soul who loved me no matter what. Kimber followed me everywhere even into the bathroom. I never ever had to use a leash on her. She never went more than a few feet from me. If I was in a chair she was either on my lap or under the chair. Hartz Mountian Corp has broken my heart and torn my soul in two pieces.
The EPA has taken my baby to do a necropsy and Hartz has to pay for it. I will hopefully get her back next week after they have cremated her.

I tried to join the site but I never got a confirmation email. My email address is [email protected]. I will join a lawsuit if there is an active one.

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