I now have no doubt that Hartz killed my cat.

My ex and I adopted a cat named Jack from the Raleigh SPCA 3 years ago. We took him to regular checkups and he always scanned a-ok. Then we bought some Hartz flea and tick drops from a local Target. Jack developed a rash between his shoulder blades and eventually just a bald spot after the irritation healed. We both figured it was just an external problem but soon after his health started to decline rapidly.
He lost a lot of weight (Jack was a grey domestic so he was already naturally skinny) and went from a healthy 9 lbs to just under 2.5 in a matter of 3 months. The Vets were mystified and all they could tell us was that the Hartz was most likely responsible. My ex and I left to see a movie and when we returned home we found him dead on the living room floor, I’ll never forget the expression on his face. He died in agony, alone.
I always figured it was the Hartz, but after reading this site, I’m damn sure. Thanks for making a place to share my story.


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