I lost one cat to kidney failure and feel like it was because he licked the strip on bio spot product. Another cat had a reaction to the Sergeants Gold Spot on and I just about lost her, but my vet pulled her through. It took about 3 months and 6 different anti-biotics. Then like an idiot I put a Hartz 2 and 1 flea collar on her and she had a respiratory infection which cleared up as soon as I took the collar off.
I use Nature’s Guardian on my dogs, but cannot find it in this area for my cats.
Please research what you are using on your pets.

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  1. @-Anonymous Posted by left_blank on August 29th 2007

    Your cat has a reaction to the Sergeants Gold………so why would you use another Sergeants product like Natures Guardian? It is equally as dangerous and I guess you are just lucky your dogs have not suffered ill effects! Like you said…Please research what you use on your pets! Natures Guardian killed my Cat and gave the other cat a horrible scaly rash of huge oozing blisters and layers of her skin are still falling off. Not to mention she is in a lot of pain and is still acting not herself almost a month later. Our cat Clyde died about a week and 2 emergency trips to the vets after the drops where put on. It shut down multiple organs and he was in fine health before that.

    If you can not afford “””frontline””” which has the best track record as spot ons go. Use Adams flea spray and shampoos. Never buy any grocery store, walmart etc brand of spot ons and sprays no matter the brand. Harts and Sergeants are basically like buying human prescription meds from China or Mexico!

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