Hartz 2 and 1 Rid Flea Dog Shampoo burns sensitive areas

Just wanted you to know a stupid thing I did and I mean it as a warning.

Our family has always used the green Hartz flea shampoo without problem until this week. With no warnings of where NOT to use the shampoo I gave my dog a good bath when I found a flea on him the other day. My husband always says I don’t get my precious dog bathed all over, so the other day I did. I made sure I got under his arms and legs where fleas might hide. Not good. He was restless that night and I noticed he was red, like an allergic reaction all underneath on his privates area. Before we went to bed I noticed a straight line of pea sized lumps formed on his back. I called the on-call vet and told him all I could, he agreed it all sounded like an allergic reaction. Overnight the lumps went away but he was increasingly red and I noticed his balls were blood red and swollen. I realized it must have been the shampoo that had bothered him so I quickly gave him another bath with a hypoallergenic baby wash to try to aleviate the damage. The doctors weren’t in that day but he left some Prednisone tablets at the office for me. The pills have helped and Hank is recovering.

Last night as I was checking on his problem it occurred to me that what I was looking at was a burn. His swelling has gone down considerably but the skin on his balls is crusty and flaking off like a scab. I won’t say that the Hartz shampoo is what caused this for sure but I know it’s the first time I ever washed him all over with it and it sure looked like a chemical burn.

If you do use this shampoo be careful not to get near sensitive areas. I will not use it or any chemical on my baby again, nor any of my cats. I’m even tapering back store bought foods and cooking for Hank.

Praying for the animals.

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