Hartz Flea mdicine is NO GOOD!

Hi everyone. O.k. I don’t really have a story of Hartz medicine causing seizures or death in our dogs, but this is my issue….

I had heard that Hatrz was one of the cheapest and best ways to get rid of fleas in your animals. My girlfriend and I just decided to go back to college, so of course the finacial situation has been hard, we decided to try the Hartz because we heard it was great stuff.

The first time we used it – it worked great – we could of swore by it. I take care of dogs for a living in a dog kennel, but still decided to try the hartz (my mom swore by it). This is my issue: Our dog is now INFESTED with fleas. EXTREMELY BAD. If you roll our dog over on his back, you can see TONS of fleas crawling all over his tummy, he is CONSTANTLY itchy. I’m am without a doubt positive our other dog has them as well, as she is constantly itchy, we just can’t see them as well on her. When I have applied the hartz on our one dog, he freaks out and runs through the house tryin to "rub it off" his body.

I called the vet for advice on what to do about this situation… he said "NEVER use Hartz" he told me that EVERY WEEK he sees an animal who is having a "BAD" reaction to the Hartz. He told me Hartz uses a very old chemical that should NOT be allowed… he said this chemical causes VERY BAD reactions and death in many animals…."

With that my whole point is…. Hartz DOES NOT work as well as people claim, we now have flea infested dogs who are very UNCOMFORTABLE and on prednisone, because I can do NOTHING about these fleas and can not apply BETTER flea medicine until the Hartz has wore off.. I warn you DO NOT trust this product, not only does it not work, but it can kill your animal!

Thank you for your time.

A disturbed pet owner!

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