Advice for the future

I don’t have a tragedy to share, nor do I have any kind of lawsuit success. Instead, I just want to give some general flea and tick removal advice so as to avoid these kinds of problems in the future.

When it comes to flea and tick medication, you get what you pay for. Either the cheaper brands will offer little-to-no protection or they will cause serious harm to your pet. If your animal can’t handle Frontline, Advantage, or K-9 Advantix, stick to Zodiac since it’s a weaker brand and is appropriate for animals that have high sensitivties to flea medication. Zodiac is also the recommended brand for flea shampoos, powders, and sprays.

Also stay away from flea collars. Collars are only effective at killing fleas if they land ON the collar or within one inch of the collar. The best use for a flea collar (of any brand, including Hartz) is to put it in your vaccuum bag/canister before you vaccuum any flea-infested carpeting and upholstery. The poison will coat the inside of the bag and will kill any vaccuumed flea eggs that try to hatch inside the bag or canister.

I’m so sorry for all the terrors/losses that everyone on this site have suffered and I only hope that if anyone reads this before getting Hartz flea products, it will avoid another tragedy.

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