Hartz flea drops Killed Cuddles

On August 17th I applied Hartz flea drops for cats to my beloved 3rd generation Himalayan cat Cuddles. At 4 AM Saturday August 18th I awoke to him Having convulsions, foaming at the mouth, vomiting and unable to stand. I called my vet at 5:30 in the morning, told him the symptoms, that I had just applied Hartz the nite before, and that we needed to get him into the vet asap. He Had tremors, twitching and constant seizures til 7:30 AM , when my vet opened his door. We held him in our arms the whole 3 1/2 hrs trying to comfort him. My vet explained that there were thousands of cases of Hartz and Seargent flea product poisonings and death. He also stated that he had saved some-But that there was no guarantee, That Iv fluids, flushes, drugs and days of hospital treatments were the only way to attempt and save his life-But that after 3 1/2 hrs of constant seizing and vomiting-he may not make it. He also informed me that Hartz HAD BEEN TAKEN OFF THE MARKET-5 yrs ago, But after reformulating their flea products was allowed to Reenter the product on the Market..THIS IS A TRAVESTY…. THIS should NOT go on in the USA
AT 7:45 we put Cuddles to sleep-I could not bear to see him in pain, and tortured any more.

I have contacted Hartz, Walmart who sold me the drops, and NBC Channel 10 News Providence, RI.
I am heartbroken and appalled that this could happen in the US. I am appaled at Hartz LACK OF CONCERN-

WE MUST SUE-there are THOUSANDS of cases out ther
My Cuddles is buryed in my yard-and WILL get an autopsy if NEED BE
THEY KNOW they are POISONING animals


[email protected]
Seekonk, Mass.

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