I am in soooo angry!!

As I’m writing these lines, my little one year old shiztsu, Herni, is sitting on my lap, still damp from the emergency bath my daughter and I gave her a while ago. Yesterday we found a flea in her, so today, I bought at the supermarket Stop and Shop a pack of HARTZ 3 in 1 Flea and Tick drops for dogs and puppies 15 lbs and under. I followed the instructions and applied the product on my dog’s coat. A few minutes after, she started acting very strange, sniffing, salivating a lot, coughing and licking the floor like crazy. After a while I decided this wasn’t normal, and that it was a reaction to the flea drops. I don’t think she ingested the product, but, I can’t discard this possibility. Anyway, after 10 min. of this frantic behaviour, I gave her milk, and she drank two bowls. Then I gave her a warm bath to rinse off all the poison. After the bath she seemed to get better, but kept drinking more milk. It’s only been around 2 hours since the incident began, and I was shocked when I googled "Hartz – poison" and found hundreds of websites with complaints about this product! This is obviously a product that can’t be sold anymore. I hope this letter adds to the big list of scary stories involving Hartz products. My sympathy to those affected.Oh, by the way, my baby seems to be ok now.

[email protected]
Long Island, NY
August 17, 2007

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