Hartz One Spot cat flea drops

Hello, I just registered here while browsing to find out what may be wrong with my cats. It’s a shame. We rescued both of these beautiful cats from the shelter…had them both ‘fixed’, and they now rule our home. We noticed a little scratching, so we bathed them, and bought this product to use on them. Unfortunately, since this product, we’ve made several trips to the vet. Both cats necks were crusty and raw from their excessive scratching. They lost their hair around their heads (both are persian, so they were having a tough time with hair)…we’ve tried everything. The vet recommended Revolution, but we had better luck with Advantage. Does anyone here recommend anything that will clear this up? We’re using cortisone spray on their raw places…giving them both antibiotics….along with the Advantage. For years, I trusted Hartz products…..never again.

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