2 in 1 Rid Flea dog shampoo with oatmeal


Last week I thought my 14 year old shitzu she got choked on a doggie treat, as she acted like she was trying to cough it up and she quit eating it. I went to work and thought she was ok but when I got home 9 hours later, she was having a hard time breathing, so off to the animal hospital. They had to give her oxygen and took xrays to see if she had something stuck in her throat, but she didn’t. The next morning I took her to her vet, who  treated her with antibiotics and a lung medicine saying they thought she might have a respiratory infection.

Last night at 2:00 am, she wet all over herself, couldn’t stand up and her eyes were twitching horribly. So off I went to the animal hospital, where they took blood tests, but nothing showed up that could have caused what appeared to be a stroke to me. The vet said it appeared she is having seizures. 

The interesting thing is that the night before she had problems breathing I gave her a bath in 2 in 1 Rid Flea dog shampoo with oatmeal. And last night before she started having seizures, I had given her a bath in the same shampoo. Coincidence maybe, but a friend of mine told me about the horror stories that others had experiences with Hartz products and I decided to look it up. Several of the stories I have read on this website sounds very much like what we have gone through with our dog in the last 2 weeks. I called Hartz to find out the ingredients to see if it could be the shampoo, but was told that it didn’t have the product my vet said to see if the shampoo had in it, organo phosphates. My dog is still experiencing walking problems and she is scared.

The shampoo went in the garbage and I wanted to let others know of the potential of this shampoo.

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