I am a mother of 4 kids ,3 cats,1 dog and 1 bird. My sister in law was watching my cats. When she sent them home she put that hartz on them. The little cat Mickey is only 14 months old. It attacked him the worst. He was screaming! This poor cat was shaking sooo hard it hurt me. My first thought was check on the others. So far so good with them. Ok so we give Mickey a bath with people shampoo. It is way stronger than cat stuff. Then we gave the other 2 a bath. I put milk down and the other boy Simba drank the whole bowl. So, Mickey is not good at all. Simba is fine. Now my Mama cat is starting to shake. It took about 12 hours,fish in a can(not tuna),milk and lots of love to fix these guys. So far they seem to be doing good. Some on had said to use dawn dish soap. I did on mickey’s 2nd bath.I think me and the cats got lucky they live through it . DO NOT USE HARTZ!!!!!!!!!!! 8-07-07

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