Mikey’s story

My 7 year old dachshund had begun to be extremely sleepy and was not as active. When I received a call that his litter mate, a brother, had just died of cancer, I became very concerned and made an appointment with the vet. The vet examined Mikey and since he had a fatty cist and needed a oral cleaning, we scheduled both for the following Friday. I took Mikey in that morning and went on to work. The vet called 2 hours later and told me there was a problem with Mikey’s bloodwork. The vet told me if she had not been treating Mikey for a long period of time, she would have thought his bloodwork results were those of an animal on chemotherapy for severe cancer! Mikey was critically anemic and all of his blood studies were extremely low. She could not even clean his teeth for fear he would bleed to death. The vet ask me if Mikey had had ticks, I said no. She ask me if I used Hartz flea and tick drops. I said yes, I had just given him a treatment on Sunday evening before bringing him in on Monday for the check. This was a week ago. Mikey has been on a round of antibiotics, he is on vitamins and iron tablets. I have had to bathe him many times in Dawn dishwashing liquid to neutralize the Hartz. I am to take him back in for more bloodwork on Aug 7. I am contacting an attorney and will sue Hartz in any EVENT due to their prior knowledge of the posionous effects of this product.

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