Hartz Cat Flea medicine

My wife is a vet and I went with her on her rounds to check on the patients this evening. Two of the cats were violently convulsing all day long and required constant sedation, muscle relaxants which helped but still did not stop their tremors. My wife told me the owners had used Hartz over the counter flea medicine, she said unfortunately she sees this alot. I could not believe it. I used to use the stuff on my cats before I met her and she told me it was a neurotoxin luckily my cats never had the horrible effects. I am completely amazed at the massive amount of press and attention given to the pet food recall which no doubt was a big issue. But the fact that this issue, which is equally problematic, has gone on under the radar for so long with no huge recalls, lawsuits, ect. It is quita appalling and I am greatful that this website is helping to get the word out. I think most people just have no idea. Everytime I go to Walmart now i leave little post it notes on the Hartz cat flea and tick medicine warning whoever may purchase it that it could cause seizures or even kill their cat. I would recommend that many other people do the same.

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