The Entire Hartz Flea Killing Line is a SICK JOKE

i am not surprised to see that if you google ‘hartz,’ you first get that sham of a company website and then there’s this one. actually comforted.
the headache i have from trying to sleep in a room sprayed with 3 in 1 flea and tick killer 24 hours prior forced me to get online, hoping they had an email i could send terrible things to. of course they don’t.

i am a pregnant mother of two with five cats. my family and i have been foolish enough to invite these poison pushers into our home for no less than four years in the form of every flea killer they put out. i feel sick and worse, betrayed. i can totally believe every one of the stories on this unfortunate site having suffered along with them… like idiots.

the collars make my cats’ fur fall out. the bombs drive us out of our homes for days only to come back to PISSED OFF and STRONGER fleas. the drops make our cats extremely sick and neurotic, their flesh crawling; they begin to hate us for that torture. the house spray… what a futile joke… i don’t NEED more LAUNDRY. it is extremely harmful to all animals and only an aggravant, maybe even something that they have mutated to take in and thrive on. it makes me want to do terrible things to the "scientists" they have working on this crap. i find myself walking down store aisles hoping i won’t see any hartz products for fear i’ll have an emotional breakdown and destroy the racks. i suppose this will get better over time, like a breakup or something.

this is war against these fleas. i’m just absolutely heartbroken to finally find out that this has been happening to people everywhere like some sort of internet scam or a womanizer with AIDS. we need something to end the bugs. my two year old has pock-mark scars covering her entire body because of them… no thanks to THE HARMFUL USELESSNESS OF HARTZ. the whole company should be shut down because i’m sure lawsuits are just as futile.

by the way, anyone have a clue how to kill monster fleas???? i swear if they could burrow, they’d be nature’s worst super-creatures… i fear they’re learning…

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