I came home and one of my Cats was trembling.

I couldn’t afford Frontline and bought Hartz products from Walmart for my 2 cats and 2 dogs. The 2 dogs are fine but still have fleas and my 15 year old cat handled it fine but the year old intact male cat didn’t. I applied the product in the morning and was gone for the day. When I came home, he could barely walk and he was trembling and jerking his extremedies. At first I didn’t know what happened. I went on-line and typed shaking cat and up came this website. Thank God because then I knew the cat had been poisoned and to my horror, I had poisoned him using a product that has not been taken off the shelves and is known to cause death! My first instinct was to give him milk and olive oil to slow the absorbtion if any was ingested. I called the veterinary hospital and they said to wash him in Dawn diswashing liquid. They said it happens sometimes with Hartz products. They said all they could do is give him a muscle relaxer and IV fluids. He was able to eat and drink and I could help him feel better by wrapping him in a towel and holding him which I did all night. His eyes were completly dialated. It was hard to wash him when he was shaking but the shaking did lesson after a while. Then I sneezed and he started trembling once again just as bad. By morning the shaking had stopped, but his motor functions were not working well. He did eat and drink and didn’t want to use the litter box but outside he urinated and deficated. This is the 3rd day. His eyes have returned to normal. His back legs are still not working completely right yet. His nervous system must have taken quite a hit because he is still so jumpy and before he was a mellow fellow. I feel he is going to live and hopefully the rest of these effects will go away. Who knows if his life span will be affected. I am so angry at Hartz and Walmart that they know these products are causing very severe neurological effects and even dealth and they have not taken the products off the market! The only reason why would be money. I hope the suit will help these companies do the right thing.

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