Concern about mistaken confusion with flea dermatitis

I’m sorry that there isn’t a more appropriate category for my message, although this is in response to the victim’s stories. I think it would be appropriate and helpful to create a informational section about Flea Dermatitis. It commonly accompanies and follows flea infestations. Flea infestations commonly congregate around the neck and at the base of the tail. I just think that it would be very easy to jump to the conclusion that hair loss and skin problems in these areas are the result of the flea products. Considering how the most current instructions for applying the flea drops involves distributing the liquid down a stripe along the entire length of the back along it’s crest, I question why the photos showing problems around the neck and base of the tail would not also show involvement in that entire stripe if indeed the problem were a result of the drops and not the fleas. I think we all ought be aware of the fact that this is an insecitcide afterall, and we probably shouldn’t be reapplying the stuff by repeatedly applying baths/dips, drops and flea collars as well as spraying beds since all this multiplies the total exposure. It would also be helpful to consider whether the product has not worked sufficiently before involving these repeated exposures. Many people don’t have thorough enough flea control with these products, largely because the animals environment is not sufficiently treated itself as well as the fact that many of these animals continue to go outside or spend time with other untreated animals. But I would primarily be concerned about people making uninformed assumptions about flea dermatitis being caused by ther flea treatments because sadly, the flea treatments and needed to provide the needed relief from the flea infestation and this is what a vet will tell you as ours had us!